• No 23, Sri Sumangala Balika Mawatha, Panadura, Sri Lanka

Introdution Basic and Advanced Welding Techniques (BTI/F1 & F2)

The Paramount Rectagg (PVT) Ltd is the only institute in Sri Lanka to provide training facilities for the boat building industry.

We provide high quality training complying German Standards under the supervision of Landesberufsschule fur Bootsbauer, Lubeck, Germany and related services in boat building and fishing technology to our stakeholders such as boat builders and operators, multi-day fishing community and newcomers to become internationally renowned.

By being fully equipped, well structured, self sustained professional center, we shall continuously educate all our stakeholders in boat and craft designing, building, operating, managing, trading etc., as applicable to promote boat building and fishing technology in Sri Lanka, ensuring profitability of the Industry.


What Makes Us Different

This training program has been devised for individuals who wish to develop their basic welding techniques and includes use of hand and machine looks. It enjoys a mixture of both theoretical and practical work. You need to complete your school education up to year 8 and need not to have any prior experience. During the course you will leam manual metal are. welding. oxy-acetylene gas welding. oxy- fuel gas cutting and safety practices at work. This is a 4 weeks course covering both theory and practical. The institute has a range of facilities including the machine shop. general fitting shop, a welding shop and a fabrication shop.

This course would sut those who would like to improve their knowledge on TIG & MIG welding techniques. You need to complete BII / Fl or you need to have some experience as a welder to follow this course. While you are doing this course. you will be given the chance to develop skills in TIG & MIG welding. good safety practices, materials &their properties etc. course duration would be 3 weeks and covers theory and practicals. Successful completion of this course will give you the qualification Certified Welder" and will be able to work in the boat building or metal fabrication industry at a high income position.

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