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We at Paramount Rectagg consider our experience in the boat manufacturing industry a strong base on which to expand our horizons in meeting our customers’ requirements. Combining more years of experience with the latest and modern technology at our disposal, Paramount Rectagg is more than capable and has with itself the required resources to deliver your next custom made boat.

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To be the pioneer knowledge & Technology provider in Local & International boat building and fisheries industries towards achieving international standards

We provide high quality services in boat building and fishing technology to boat builders, boat owners or any other Authority to become internationally renowned. By being fully equipped, well structured & self sustained professional company, we shall provide our services on boat designing, boat building, layout planning of boat yards & approval and upgrading of fishing technology ensuring profitability of the industries

  • To promote improvement of boat building technology
  • To enhance competence of technical staff, production & managerial level
  • To enhance competence of boat owners & the boat crew.
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    What We Do


    Layout planning of boat yards, Survey on boat yard construction & approval, Survey on boat construction & approval and many more.

    Design and Install

    Design and Construction of boats, Design and Installation of fish preservation systems.


    Improved cool room facility, Proper navigation systems & distress signaling, Satellite fish finding techniques


    Provide training on following fields through an affiliation with foreign boat building & fisheries technology training institute.

    Construction - Boats

    Formulation of Construction standards for fishing boats less than 24m and more than 10m and standards for boat construction facilities.

    Safety Management

    Formulation of Safety standards for boats & boat construction facilities

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